Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Twins Win!

(poor Caidron was pulled into the group picture)
We went to the Twins game last night with Carol, Bill & Caidron. Erik wants to point out that Ekuck and Mae Mae (as Caidron calls us) were the ones who brought Caidron to his first ever baseball game!! He had a great time! We all did...and the Twins won!!

Then, after a quick stop at the Calvillo house (Alex was looking as cute as ever) to drop off a shower gift for a bride-to-be, we went to Old Chicago with Shane. It's always good to spend some time with Shane!! (Erik really likes Shane's shirt!! --it says, "There is Nothing to Fear but Chuck Himself")

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

OK, so we were not even close to winning...but we finished!! This morning, bright and early, we went down to Lake Nokomis to run a 5K run/walk called the PACE Race. Erik's cousin, Tim and his girlfriend, Laura run this race and we joined them. Erik has been running to get ready for the race; Mindy didn't! But Erik was kind enough to walk with me when I couldn't run anymore. I think we ran for over 2/3 the race. I feel pretty good about that! And we gave a little money towards prostate cancer awareness. Overall, it was a good morning!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sad Day

Today was a very sad day as we said good-bye to our friend's precious little baby. Bob and Sara's son, Paul passed away at just six weeks of age. There are really no words to express the pain we are feeling with our friends. He's such a sweet little boy. He will be missed! http://www.bobandsara.blogspot.com/ Bobby & Sara, we hope these next few weeks out of town will be a wonderful time together as you process all you've been through -a time to be close to each other and to God. We love you. You are on our minds constantly.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


So, there is not much to say... But I just thought I would get this Blog started. Our friends, Dale & Hannah were in town and Hannah encouraged us to start a Blog. I told her we don't have anything to say...it's just us and we're not too exciting. She said we should still create a blog page. So, here we go... We don't really have any new news but incase you didn't know...
Mindy currently works a Bethel University as an Admissions Counselor. She works with high school students to help them on their college search. And, of course, she encourages them to come to Bethel if it is a good fit!

Erik works at Molin Concrete in the Sales & Marketing Department. He specifically works with Residential Sales but has had his hands in a few different projects at Molin. If you want to put some pre-cast concrete in your garage, give Erik a call and he can hook you up!