Friday, February 24, 2012


What has happened to the last month?!?!

So....where to begin?  Well, I am now four weeks in to my new job.  I like it!  If you had asked me about it two weeks ago, I probably would have looked a little glazed over while saying, "Well, it's a lot to learn." or "I have big shoes to fill!"  I still feel like I have big shoes to fill and I still have a lot to learn, but it feels a bit more manageable.  I have a foundation of knowledge now and can go from there when questions arise.  The people I work with a so welcoming and have been very helpful during this transition.  And...I still get to have lunch/coffee with my former co-workers since they are very close by!!

In the mean time...I have also been sick over the past two weeks.  I got some kind of cold/flu last week and missed a day and a half of training/work (it was BAD).  I felt pretty miserable over the weekend**.  Then, to top it off, I woke up on Tues morning with my right eye completely crusted over.  Yep, pink eye!  Again!  I feel like I get that all the time!  When Erik saw me Tues morning all he could say is, "What is going on with you?!?"  So, I've been a mess!  Mentally drained as I learn all kinds of new information at work and physically drained with a cold/flu + pink eye.  What about emotionally??

Yep, emotionally drained too!  We found out last Thursday that our very loved daycare provider got the full time job she's been looking for and is closing her daycare.  I still start crying every time I think of her or anything involving Tryg and daycare.  Jennifer has been wonderful!  Tryg has been going to her house since I went back to work after maternity leave.  There were many days that he was the only kid there and he got one on one supervision and play-time with Jennifer!  She loves him and he loves her.  He also loves the other kids at her daycare (one girl especially).  Jennifer and her daycare will be missed!!!

So, we spent that last week calling, emailing and visiting daycares in the area.  We are happy to say we found one in the perfect location with great references.  We put our deposit down last night.  We're hoping that Tryg will like it there and have care that is just as wonderful as Jennifer (even though that doesn't seem possible right now!).  We love that the new daycare is very close to our home and the provider has a son just one month older than Tryg.  We hope that they will become buddies in the coming weeks (they were already hugging when we went there to interview). :-)

Well, it's been a crazy few weeks.  I, for one, am hoping that things begin to settle down in weeks to come.  I feel like I need a vacation! :-)

**We did get a little break this past weekend at Erik's parents' cabin though.  We enjoyed some family time and I tried to get some rest to help combat my cold.