Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rainy Day

I love my galoshes!! On Monday Erik and I decided to take a walk in the rain. We went to the library to get some DVDs. (We're all about free entertainment these days!) I wore my galoshes for our little adventure. Then, on the way back I decided to "be a kid again" and play in the puddles! It was great fun! I totally recommend it!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Welcome to the World Miss Mikayla Ann!!

Carol & Bill Skerbitz welcomed their little girl into the world on Saturday! The labor went pretty quickly. Both mom and baby were dealing with a little infection or something though. However, they seem to be doing pretty well. We got to meet Kayla on Sunday. She's a little doll; but the poor little girl has lots of tubes and wires right now. She is currently in the NICU. They hope she is able to come home early this week.

Mikayla Ann Skerbitz
September 22, 2007

7 lbs. 4 oz.
19 inches long

Caidron is a big brother!
Caidron and Kayla both got new bedrooms.
Caidron's room has an airplane theme and Kayla has purple and brown
butterflies, flowers and such. This is a painting for Caidron's room.
I just love Caidron's big smile in this picture!

A Weekend of Surprise Birthday Parties

We had two surprise Birthday parties this weekend. The first was for Shane Oborn (who's Birthday is actually today!). His girlfriend, Kellie was very sneaky in getting my cell phone number from him and invited us over to surprise him with dinner and games on Friday night. We had not seen him in a few weeks so it was fun to surprise him! And he was sure surprised when we were the ones knocking on the door at Kellie's house!

Then, on Saturday morning we surprised Joe Calvillo with a Birthday Brunch. His wife, Hol
ly planned it so that he would be coming over to Steph's house to "translate for the block party meeting." Little did he know that his friends were all there trying to wish the busy guy a happy Birthday! His Birthday was on Thurs. but he's been working evenings (and LOTS of them). So we made it a Brunch Birthday Party! Thanks to Tim Coyer for making all the great food!

It worked out well to have brunch and then head to the Bethel Homecoming Football game with Bob & Sara! We enjoyed the game --Bethel won (vs. Carleton) and we saw some people we knew from days back. Then we went to our apartment for more college football on TV and pizza. It was a great day, but we were tired and sunburned by the end. I still have raccoon-eyes from wearing my sunglasses at the game!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Cleaning and Organizing...not exciting

Sorry it's been a while since we've up-dated the blog. I'm realizing we really have not done much lately except cleaning and re-organizing. I guess we're doing "fall cleaning" instead of "spring cleaning" this year. The last few weekends have been packed with cleaning out closets and our living room, helping our friends, Bill & Carol get their home ready for baby #2 who will be here any day now, and helping Erik's parents with their lawn and garage. We might have some pictures later...but my closet is just not that exciting to see! (even though I'm excited about it being much more organized!) I hope you guys have had some fun fall weekends!

Oh, and on a side note...we're pretty pumped that my Admissions Office Fantasy Football Team is in First Place!! Pretty sweet for being the rookie!! Erik is my co-manager...but even with the two of us, our football knowledge is not too great. Thanks for the tips Bobby!
Go Carson Palmer!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

We went to Erik's parent's cabin for the weekend. We spent time with his family. It was a great weekend! Incredible weather and pretty relaxed. We went on the boat a few times, took the scooters into town (for ice cream) and ate way too much food all weekend. The leaves were already starting to change color. That's good and bad...I LOVE fall, but it's sad to know that winter is on it's way! It was funny to think that last year over Labor Day weekend, I was getting fall wedding decor ideas and hoping that the leaves didn't all change colors and fall off too fast! Ha! A lot has happen since then!
Cabin Pictures:
See ya!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

It was my Mom's Birthday last Thursday. She, my Dad and my Grandpa came up for dinner and cake and then stayed overnight. They hit the State Fair the next day while I was working at the Bethel booth there.
Hope you had a nice Birthday Mom!!