Monday, September 17, 2007

Cleaning and Organizing...not exciting

Sorry it's been a while since we've up-dated the blog. I'm realizing we really have not done much lately except cleaning and re-organizing. I guess we're doing "fall cleaning" instead of "spring cleaning" this year. The last few weekends have been packed with cleaning out closets and our living room, helping our friends, Bill & Carol get their home ready for baby #2 who will be here any day now, and helping Erik's parents with their lawn and garage. We might have some pictures later...but my closet is just not that exciting to see! (even though I'm excited about it being much more organized!) I hope you guys have had some fun fall weekends!

Oh, and on a side note...we're pretty pumped that my Admissions Office Fantasy Football Team is in First Place!! Pretty sweet for being the rookie!! Erik is my co-manager...but even with the two of us, our football knowledge is not too great. Thanks for the tips Bobby!
Go Carson Palmer!!!

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