Thursday, August 28, 2008

Erik meets Rob Thomas....

Last week I had one of the greatest breaks in my life. My co-worker came up to me and said, "We need someone to pick up Rob Thomas from the airport." If you dont know who Rob is, he is the lead singer of Matchbox 20 and the singer of Santana's "Smooth".

So I spent pretty much the whole day with Rob Thomas, driving him around. It was a great show that he played (a cancer benefit) and he, of course, was a very nice guy.

Jury Duty

I had the civic pleasure of taking part in Jury Duty a couple weeks ago. In Ramsey County, they still have a system where a roomful of people show up to wait for a case.

On Thursday afternoon I was "lucky" enough to be picked for a case. I even had the "bonus luck" of being picked from the alternate jurors and to be brought in as a full juror.

Overall, it was a good experience. It made me believe in the justice system.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Babies, Babies, Everywhere!

No, not us! But we have met a lot of new babies this month!

Just to name a few....
Isaac Robert
Miriam Emma

Bennett Harrison

Kaleb Jeremy (our nephew)

Here are a few pictures of our nephew. He was 10lbs 7oz!! Born at 9:50pm on 8.22.08 (c-section). We went down to Owatonna to meet him on Saturday. He's a big boy! Mom and son are doing great! Kya is excited to have a little bother, but it might take a little time to adjust to the changes.
Big Sister & Baby Brother (Kya & Kaleb)
Uncle Erik
Auntie Mindy
We also have yet to meet my friend/co-worker's daughter, Olivia Simone and the new Sanborn baby, Eli Matthew who were both born last week too!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Staining the Cabin

Mindy and I helped out last week up in Birchwood, WI staining my parents cabin. With many hands, it wasnt very time consuming. Cant wait for Stain the Cabin Party 2009!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Saints Game

I realize that this is going to make Mindy and I look like Sports Fanatics... I went to the Saints Game as a work function. It was a FANTASTIC night for outdoor baseball... a little taste of whats to come when the Twins get their new stadium!

I met the Saints Mascot before the game... "Mudonna"Great Night!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Nice Saturday Afternoon....

It started out as a fairly lazy Saturday morning, but Mindy made banana bread and we went out for a jog. Then the day picked up even more by noon. We met Shane and Kellie at Amazing Thai on Hennepin for some FANTASTIC food. We browsed around the Uptown Art Fair for a couple hours looking at some of the finest local and national art. It was fun to see the unique art that was available.
After the art fair we met Mindy's mom and grandpa for our annual Twins Game. Unfortunately, the Twins didn't do so great tonight, but it was still nice to take Mindy's Grandpa to the game and it was hat night! Here are a few pics:
Grandpa Bob hamming it up for the camera...