Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Babies, Babies, Everywhere!

No, not us! But we have met a lot of new babies this month!

Just to name a few....
Isaac Robert
Miriam Emma

Bennett Harrison

Kaleb Jeremy (our nephew)

Here are a few pictures of our nephew. He was 10lbs 7oz!! Born at 9:50pm on 8.22.08 (c-section). We went down to Owatonna to meet him on Saturday. He's a big boy! Mom and son are doing great! Kya is excited to have a little bother, but it might take a little time to adjust to the changes.
Big Sister & Baby Brother (Kya & Kaleb)
Uncle Erik
Auntie Mindy
We also have yet to meet my friend/co-worker's daughter, Olivia Simone and the new Sanborn baby, Eli Matthew who were both born last week too!


jamesm said...

Congratulations! Your new nephew looks adorable - and oh so big! My kids were never that big until they were 4 or 5 months:) (But Jamie was 10# when he was born so I was so glad my kids were smaller and didn't inherit that trait!!)

Natalie, Eric, Evan, and Emmett said...

That is a huge kid....Nathan named their girl Adyson Faye. It was great seeing you this weekend!!

damon anthony said...

wow ur new nephew is a big boy. congrats. his sister looks happy as well.