Monday, September 29, 2008

Congratulations Shane & Kellie!

What a beautiful day for Shane & Kellie's wedding! They had a very small ceremony in Loring Park by the lake yesterday morning. We were so honored to be invited to such a small gathering and we were so happy to be there! They did most of the ceremony themselves.
And it was so nice that they were able to include the boys.
They painted a canvas together, as a family during the ceremony.
After our pastor, Dan announced them as a couple/family, they had a wonderful little reception with a fantastic live band called Roma Di Luna. They had beautiful flowers from the Farmers Market.("Bringing the band back together")
They also included the boys in their first dance
(until they lost interest).
Kyertin wanted to show us the lady bug he found.While cleaning up after the reception, Kyertin & Eliot "attacked" Erik with hay.
Since Dan has not been feeling well at all, they had me (licensed pastor) sign the marriage license. I was honored to do it, but I am sad that Dan has been so ill and couldn't stay to sign the papers.
If you could pray for Dan, it would be appreciated. He really has not been doing well.

It's official now...I put the license in the mail today!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Philip Glass at the Walker

We have not had much to add to our blog lately...let's face it, we're kind of boring! However, last weekend we joined our friends, Shane and Kellie at the theater in the Walker for a documentary on Philip Glass. It was very well done and spoke of his professional accomplishments as well as his personal life and style. We enjoyed it. After the film we went straight home to clean up a little bit.

We had Jake and his girl friend, Tess, over to watch the Green Bay vs. Dallas game. They brought a fantastic pizza from 'Whole Foods.' I totally recommend it. Tess is a Green Bay fan, but I have two Dallas players on my Fantasy Football team. So, I was fine with cheering for Green Bay overall, but I had to cheer for my Dallas players. However, I'm glad that Dallas won because Marion Barber ended up getting a bunch of points for my Fantasy team! I'm in first place!! However, last year I was also in first until week 3 and then quickly made my way down to 12th (out of 12 teams). Then I finished the season in 12th place. So, we'll see what happens.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Meeting "Blanche"

My co-worker, Amanda, just had a baby in August. She is out on maternity leave right now but she brought her new little bundle of joy into the office today! It was very fun to meet her and see Amanda! Her name is Olivia but we call her Blanche in our office. We named her Blanche when we found out she was going to be a girl and it just kind of stuck.

This photo is from my cell phone -I didn't have my camera.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Sister Weekend!

Erik and I decided to take Kya for the weekend. We called it Big Sister Weekend! Kaleb is just over two weeks now and we wanted to give Jana and Jeremy a little time with him as we gave Kya some one on one attention! It's difficult to go from being the only child for six years to having a baby brother! Although, she is very excited about Kaleb. She talked about him all weekend!

We packed a lot into a short amount of time. It was a great weekend and the weather cooperated too! We rented movies and had popcorn on Friday night.
On Saturday morning we picked out a new outfit for school (which she wore on Sunday). She's in first grade already! Then we went to Pine Tree Apple Orchard. We enjoyed the wagon ride through the orchard and caramel apples!
Kya and I painted each other's nails.
Then we had "pasghetti" for dinner (Kya's favorite). She actually ate three plates full! We ended the night by making a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies! And of course, we used pasteurized eggs so we could eat the cookie dough!
On Sunday we went to church. Then we went to the Como Zoo after lunch.
I think my favorite was the Butterfly Garden!
Kya did great and we had a lot of fun!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Steele Co. Free Fair!

This has been one of my favorite traditions when it comes to Owatonna- besides seeing the Gorgeous Wells Fargo in downtown. Mindy and I went down and hooked up with her family for some food and fun. One of these days I will stay for the demolition derby!!

Shingling the Roof

This is a few weeks old, but still fun. Mindy and I went over to Bill and Carols and helped with shingling the roof. I pretty much just aided Bill in whatever way I could since I had absolutely no idea what I was doing... besides a few scary clouds, I'd say it was a success.