Monday, August 27, 2007


We saw a lot of friends last week (big and small)...
Last Saturday
it was fun to welcome Bob & Sara home from their trip. A lot of people went over to their house for
dinner and time to catch up. It sounds like they had a pretty good trip. They have a ton of amazing pictures and were able to see a lot of beautiful national parks, nature and friends. We also had fun at the party watching Kirk & Sarah's son, Oliver spin in circles and putting bets on how long he and Alex (Holly & Joe's son) could stand-up/walk. The boys are at a fun age and were often the center of attention!

On Thursday Bill, Carol and Caidron came over for dinner. It was kind of a last minute dinner, but overall, it was good and a fun time with friends. Bill has to go back to teaching this week -so, it was kind of that last week before having to be up early again. Carol is 8 months pregnant but is hanging in there! Little Caidron was a bit crabby for some of the evening...but had fun "cooking" (with hot pads --safety first) and eating ice cream with us!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Steele County Free Fair!!

We went down to Owatonna on Thursday evening to meet Mindy's family at the fair! It's become somewhat of a tradition. The fair is a pretty big deal in Owatonna! :) We had some Godfather's Pizza (it has been a while) and mini donuts for Erik and ice cream for Mindy. It was a nice evening.Jana, Kya, Mindy
Our niece, Kya, got her hair cut a few weeks ago.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Work Weekend at the Cabin.

We don't really have many pictures of this weekend's events...but first we went to Jake & Bill's show,
"The Opportunity: It's not a pyramid scheme "

at the Ritz Theater. It was a great show in the Minnesota Fringe Festival. After the show, we hung out with the cast over a couple of orders of "slax fries." Then we went up to Erik's parent's cabin to help them get ready for company and finish up a few projects. Erik did a lot of odds and ends. I did A LOT of sawing! Erik's dad wanted to fix the fact that they deck no longer had any spaces between the boards which caused water to collect on the deck. So, I took a circular saw and ran it across the deck floor between the board to cut out space between them. I still can't feel the left side of my right pointer finger...But we had a great weekend! Fantastic weather, a boat ride, some swimming and great food!

(this picture is from being at the cabin over the 4th of July)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Well, here’s the good, the bad and the ugly of our trip to Seattle/Vancouver…

The Good… there was a lot of good: it was great to see Jon & Aimee Lundberg and hang out with them, go on the Seattle Underground Tour, Pike’s Place Market, watching my friend Nate marry his bride, Aminah, seeing Vancouver, and just having fun together!! Oh, and I guess seeing Jimi Hendrix's memorial was a highlight for Erik. :)

The Bad…traffic, waiting for an hour in a line to get back into the US (at least we didn’t wait 2 hours!) and paying $180 to go Whale Watching. See, Jon & Aimee went on Friday and saw over 40 whales. So, we thought we’d go on Sunday…we’ll all we got out of it was a sunburn and a view of a dead seal!! Pretty disappointing!!

The Ugly…well, that was getting to the airport on time for our flight that was canceled!! So, we spent 7+ hours waiting in the airport for the red-eye flight that left at 12:30am and got back to Mpls at 5:30am. And all we got for our trouble was $10 meal passes for the airport! What a complete nightmare!?!? But overall, the good does out-weigh the bad. We had a good time!