Monday, August 27, 2007


We saw a lot of friends last week (big and small)...
Last Saturday
it was fun to welcome Bob & Sara home from their trip. A lot of people went over to their house for
dinner and time to catch up. It sounds like they had a pretty good trip. They have a ton of amazing pictures and were able to see a lot of beautiful national parks, nature and friends. We also had fun at the party watching Kirk & Sarah's son, Oliver spin in circles and putting bets on how long he and Alex (Holly & Joe's son) could stand-up/walk. The boys are at a fun age and were often the center of attention!

On Thursday Bill, Carol and Caidron came over for dinner. It was kind of a last minute dinner, but overall, it was good and a fun time with friends. Bill has to go back to teaching this week -so, it was kind of that last week before having to be up early again. Carol is 8 months pregnant but is hanging in there! Little Caidron was a bit crabby for some of the evening...but had fun "cooking" (with hot pads --safety first) and eating ice cream with us!

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