Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Less Green

I don't know if it is spring cleaning or 'pregnancy nesting' but I have been in a cleaning mood lately.  Erik can attest that this is very abnormal for me.  Seriously.  Very abnormal.  And that's putting it nicely.  As a result, I made Saturday a cleaning day.  Erik went to run 8 miles as part of his half marathon training and I took on the kitchen.  It feels so good to have a completely clean kitchen.  I know is sounds silly and a little sad but with working full time and having a two year old running around, it just doesn't happen all too often.  I went pretty extreme too --as in taking the time to bleach the garbage and recycling know the ones that have caked on pop and dried Cheerios.  Well, that's how ours were anyway.  I also got on my hands and knees to clean the floor (it turns out we don't own a mop -which says even more about the state of our house).  Unfortunately, the "clean & shine" cleaner I used has made the floor so slippery that Tryg has fallen at least 20 times (most of which were not intentional).  Poor kid.  The price for a clean house?

After the kitchen, I took on the glowing green fish tank.  If you're on Facebook, you may have seen posts about it (months ago) or maybe you've even seen it in our house.  Apparently we are horrible fish owners!  This tank was bad!  We still don't really know what caused it --we were given a lot of different recommendations and advice.

Well here is the before (hard to admit since its so embarrassing):
Yeah...horrible! Looks like a science experiment.
As I was cleaning it and saw all of the dark green algae run down the drain, I thought it was a little funny that we were going to have 'less green' for St. Patrick's Day the next day.  Well, it was a lot of work but I think the results were worth it!
Much better.
Now the goal is to keep the kitchen, the fish tank and the rest of our house more clean.  We're on Day 5 and the kitchen is still pretty good and the fish tank is great.

My question is....ya know those people who can have last minute guests over and the house is totally clean?  Well my question is, can anyone become someone like that or is it something you're born with?  I have hope but not a ton.