Monday, March 30, 2009

Busy Few Weeks...

It has been a while... Things have been busy these last few weeks.

We did some redecorating of our living-room and we also finally cleaned out our front closet (it even functions as a room for ironing!). We'll have to post a couple photos when we get them.

Mindy has been busy with's decision time for prospective students, which makes my days a bit more interesting.

Erik passed his LEED Accredited Professional Test!! He is now a "LEED AP." And I am very proud of him! He studied SO hard for this test. Pretty much every waking moment, he was studying! I'm very glad it's over and he passed. Now, "What is LEED?" you ask. Well, it is an program that strives for energy effiency and environmental friendly building. Since he works with builders, it is good that he knows about these efforts.

Unfortunately, my Great Uncle Herb passed away last week. However, this was actually a funeral where I really felt like it was a "celebration of life." I know they say that at a lot of funerals, but I felt it at this one. Herb was 88 and was married to his wife for 63 years! He lived a great life but has been on hospice care for the last eight months or so. He went peacefully in his sleep. He will be missed.

And...the main thing on our minds at this point of time is house hunting! Yep, we are thinking of making that leap! Everything around us is telling us that this is the time to buy (tax credit, buyers market, etc etc). So, we've been looking around and have a realtor. We'll see what happens. Maybe we will find something we like ...and, more importantly, can actually afford! We'll let you know!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Very Hard Week

Last week was extremely hard as we got the news that Dale and Hannah lost their baby son. They thought they were in labor and got to the hospital to find that there was no heartbeat. Their son, Everett Lee Miles, had no oxygen because of a Concealed Placenta Abruption. I was able to go out to Pittsburgh, with Bobby, to be with them for a few days including the Memorial. I was glad I was able to go. My heart just breaks for them. It is so hard to see friends in so much pain.

Part of the weekend was bitter was such a joy to spend time Dale and Hannah and also to get to know their daughter, Lindy. However, it was very tainted because of the reason we were there.

Lindy is such a little peanut! I hope her joyful spirit can continue to give them hope during this extremely hard time. Please pray for them as they are missing their little boy.