Friday, April 27, 2012

Growth Stage

So, I have hinted at this stage in past blog posts and facebook statuses... For the past month or two (wow, I think it really has been two full months now), Tryg has been in a separation anxiety stage.  It has been hard on all of us.  He has always been SO easygoing that this seemed like a big change for us.  It also doesn't help that it started right at the time we switched to a new daycare home.  For a long time we didn't know if something happened at daycare, if he just hated the new place or what.  Luckily Erik usually drops Tryg off in the mornings because the few times I did, I was in tears on my way to work after leaving my sweet boy screaming in the daycare providers arms.  (We were assured that he would stop crying/whimpering withing 3-5 mins of us leaving --but still hard for this Mommy!)  
Oddly, another reassuring aspect is that lately Tryg has also cried when left with me when Daddy leaves or when he's left with Daddy and I leave.  He has also cried a few times when being left with Auntie Amy and/or Gramma and Bompa.  We know he usually loves being with them.  So, we are beginning to think/understand/hope that this is just a stage that happened to coincide with the daycare switch.

Also, dare I actually 'say this out loud' but I think he may be turning a corner!  This Sunday at the nursery at church [a new church we've just been to twice] there were no tears at all and a few times when being dropped off in the mornings at daycare he was even laughing as he blew kisses to Daddy.

I'm feeling MUCH better than I did even a couple weeks ago!  At a few points we were even wondering if we'd need to search for another new daycare.  I am hoping it truly is just a normal stage and something that we'll be over soon.  We love our little man and don't like to see him sad. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

F is for Fail

Ok, it is not really a 'Fail.'  I've been told all boys get into it at some point....I had just hoped that our sweet cuddly boy would stay sweet and cuddly a bit longer.  So, I'm sure you're imaging horrible possibilities ....but it's really not too bad.  It's just that our son goes to daycare.  Thus, he is exposed to things much sooner than he would at home.  As a result, just this weekend, he took the foam "F" out of the play mat we have on the floor.  He then turned it sideways, holding the top of the "F" in his hand and pointing the long part forward.  He then proceeded to make a shooting sound and ran around the living room "shooting" into the air.  At least he didn't point it at me!!  

I have heard of many boys who did not go to daycare that would eat their toast in the shape of a gun.  So, I know it was bound to happen at some point.  I just need to be proactive about encouraging other toys and activities.

Wouldn't it be great if we could just control everything our kids do and are exposed to?!?  That stinkin' 'freewill' stuff!! :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nice to Meet You, Natalie!

We got to meet Baby Natalie tonight. She joined the Lundquist family yesterday. She's just a little peanut and so sweet. Tryg LOVES babies right now (there are two at his daycare) and he could not stop saying "Baby Nanee" all the way to the hospital and while we were there. He was happy to see her and pointed her out multiple times just in case we forgot who she was. Tryg also loved hanging out with 'Uncle Brad.' I love that he is ok with sitting in our friends' laps and just talking to them. He was giving Brad play by play of the Twins game. Now if we could just get rid of the separation anxiety streak that he's been having (but we'll leave that for another post).
Congrats Bob & Sara! What a wonderful addition to your family!!

Friday, April 13, 2012


 Tryg LOVES brushing his teeth these days.  [really he likes sucking the water and toothpaste off his tooth brush]  Anyway, he's quite the little ham and fun to watch.  Here are a couple pictures.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

I hope you enjoyed time with family and friends as we did this Easter. 
I enjoyed watching Tryg really get into all of the Easter activities we did this year...his first egg hunt, wanting to 'help' dye eggs and also getting very excited about his Easter basket toys (not to mention the amount of sugar that was available to him).  However, the true gift that Jesus gave us far outweighs the excitement that my son gets when he sees another plastic egg.  Jesus has overpowered death and He is risen! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

First Haircut!

We finally did it!  Tryg is 21 months old now and just got his first haircut.  When Erik was a baby, he got his first haircut from his mom's best friend, "Auntie Terry."  Now, thirty years later, she cut Tryg's hair for the first time.  We brought Tryg to Terry's salon in Mahtomedi for the official first haircut.  The mullet was getting to us but we wanted to keep some length. 
Towards the end, he was getting restless -Grandma Sue had to help keep him still.
  We love it.  Thanks Auntie T!
Tryg's favorite part was getting a "special treat" after he was finished.

Bird Nests Cookies

I saw this cute recipe (something like this one) and thought I would give it a try.  Unfortunately, my first attempt at melting the butterscotch chips was a big fail.  Apparently I burned them.  They just turned into crumbs and never really melted.  
 My second try turned out much better, they look cute and they taste good too.