Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nice to Meet You, Natalie!

We got to meet Baby Natalie tonight. She joined the Lundquist family yesterday. She's just a little peanut and so sweet. Tryg LOVES babies right now (there are two at his daycare) and he could not stop saying "Baby Nanee" all the way to the hospital and while we were there. He was happy to see her and pointed her out multiple times just in case we forgot who she was. Tryg also loved hanging out with 'Uncle Brad.' I love that he is ok with sitting in our friends' laps and just talking to them. He was giving Brad play by play of the Twins game. Now if we could just get rid of the separation anxiety streak that he's been having (but we'll leave that for another post).
Congrats Bob & Sara! What a wonderful addition to your family!!

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Diana said...

Nice to see you guys last night, we need time to visit. Isn't she a cutie! One proud Grandma.