Saturday, October 19, 2013

To the Officer Who Pulled Me Over

Yep, sent this in the mail yesterday...

October 18, 2013

To the Officer Who Pulled Me Over,

                It was a year ago last week on Highway 36.  October 12, 2012...a day I will remember for the rest of my life.  We had been trying to get pregnant with our second child for a year and a half.  I was scheduled for our final round of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) earlier that morning.  However, because of unforeseen issues (which, for your sake, I won’t go into --However, they do make the story much more exciting), I was forced to reschedule to the last appointment slot of the day (they close at noon on Fridays).  I was not given very much hope that this last try would even work.  That day was the culmination of our second infertility journey –no matter what the outcome would be.  It was the last chance that would be covered under my insurance and, hence, our last chance to have another child.  I was devastated and extremely emotional.  I so longed to have another child.  I wanted my son to have a playmate and I wanted our family to welcome just a little more love into it.

                Because my appointment was moved and because of the emotional wreck I had become due to the unforeseen issues earlier that morning, I ended up misjudging the amount of time it would take to get to the clinic.  Therefore, truth be told, I was going a little faster than I should.  You were in the median in your unmarked vehicle.  Even before your partner pointed at me as I drove by, I knew that I was going to be stopped and put into further danger of missing my very last chance.  This is when all my emotions came out!  I turned into an unintelligible blubbering ball of tears as you walked up to my window.

                “Please I need to get to my appointment!  It’s my last chance and the office is going to close,” I shouted the minute you could see me.  You were very confused and also trying to decipher whether or not this was all an act.  After I tried to explain myself a bit more and you threatened [to break HIPAA laws] to see if I actually had an appointment or not, you gave me a warning and sent me on my way.  I was so relieved but still terrified that even after all this effort, it wouldn’t matter.

                However, even with all of the issues I encountered that day, it worked!  I found out I was pregnant on Halloween morning and gave birth to our second son on July 6, 2013! 

                I just wanted to send this letter and photo as a thank you and to ‘prove’ to you that I was telling the truth.  Thanks for letting me get to that appointment.  You have no idea what it means to me to hold our baby in my arms, to see his sweet face and welcome him into our family.  Both my husband and his older brother are also thrilled.  I think of that crazy day often…and don’t worry, I think about my speed as well --especially on Highway 36.

Thank you,


P.S. I don’t even know what police department this officer was from.  It may have been a State Trooper.  If so, you’re welcome to pass this letter on to them.  Thanks.