Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving Parts 1 - 6

Part 1
We were invited to make lefse with Erik's sister, cousin, uncle and parents. We made it just at the end of the party (we slept in a little). But the lefse was good and we got ou
t of the work! :)

Part 2
Thanksgiving dinner and watching the Packers with Erik's p
arents. We had a great meal and a very relaxing time at the Molin house. I even "cheered" for the Packers. I don't really want to admit that though...I try to be a Vikings fan but my father-in-law is a huge Packer fan. And Sue found a puppy collie that they will be getting in February! She will be born in about a week and a half. Her name will be Gracie!

Part 3
After dinner and hanging out at the Molin
's, we went to my aunt and uncle's house (Brenda and Jack Forbes) for if we needed any more food!! My parents and grandpa were there too. *This is Erik's favorite picture from their house. (click on it to see what their mirror says)

Part 4
On Friday we hung out with our friend Carly. We watched a movie and ate snacks. We had fun.

Part 5
Then on Saturday we had our Thanksgiving with my whole family. My parents, grandpa,
Jana, Kya, Jana's boyfriend Jeremy and my uncle Jeff all came to our apartment for a Swedish meatball dinner! Immediately following our meal, my sister decided to play Resident Evil 4 on her Play Station with the whole family. I soon vetoed that and we watched "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" instead. It was a nice day.

Part 6

Ok, by Sunday, we had stopped the Thanksgiving activities, but Bill, Carol, Caidron &
Kayla came over for lunch. Caidron pulled out all the pans so he could 'cook' for everyone. This is a regular activity for him. He is quite the chef!! (seriously, he cooks with his mom all the time!)

Monday, November 26, 2007

We're back at it...

We have a few pictures from Thanksgiving (Parts 1 through 5) on our new camera. However, they have yet to be downloaded to a computer. We'll work on that in the next couple days. Just wanted to let you know that we got a Canon Powershot sd850. Some of you wanted us to let you know what we decided. We found a good deal online and went for it. Seems to be a good camera. There is a little bit of a delay that I'm not thrilled about but it takes amazing pictures!!

(if you're reading this)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Good-Bye Polly

Yesterday Erik's family had to say good-bye to their dog Polly for the last time. They had to make the decision to put her to sleep after she suffered from a stroke last Friday night. She just never really recovered from the stroke. It was so sad to see her and to say good-bye. She is such a sweet dog. After the stroke she was the same sweet dog, but she just couldn't move the way she did. It was sad to see her like that. It sounds silly, but it was also so sad to look into her sweet innocent eyes and to say good-bye. She's been a great part of the family and she will be missed!

Oh Captain, My Captain

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Uncle Milty

Erik played music once again at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Roseville. It's always fun to get together with Milt Warkentein and "jelly ".

Norske Torske

Erik went to Norke Torske Klubben with his Grandpa on Saturday. Norske Torske is a club where guys meet once a month and enjoy Torske, which is boiled cod with potatoes and plenty of butter. The lunch starts off with a singing of "Our Country Tis of Thee" and a rousing rendition of the Norweigan national anthem; which is all followed by a healthy serving of Aquavit. []. Very tasty.

Happy Halloween!

We went over to Bill & Carol's for Halloween last night. We had a great time. Erik was able to go out Trick-or-Treating with Bill, Carol & Caidron (the Lion). Erik said he was just helping, but everyone could tell that he really wanted to go out there...he really enjoyed it!

I stayed back at their house and watched Baby Kayla and handed out candy to all the neighborhood Trick-or-Treaters. It was fun for us to go over there. I don't think there is any Trick-or-Treating in our apartment complex. We don’t have a front light to turn on!!