Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving Parts 1 - 6

Part 1
We were invited to make lefse with Erik's sister, cousin, uncle and parents. We made it just at the end of the party (we slept in a little). But the lefse was good and we got ou
t of the work! :)

Part 2
Thanksgiving dinner and watching the Packers with Erik's p
arents. We had a great meal and a very relaxing time at the Molin house. I even "cheered" for the Packers. I don't really want to admit that though...I try to be a Vikings fan but my father-in-law is a huge Packer fan. And Sue found a puppy collie that they will be getting in February! She will be born in about a week and a half. Her name will be Gracie!

Part 3
After dinner and hanging out at the Molin
's, we went to my aunt and uncle's house (Brenda and Jack Forbes) for if we needed any more food!! My parents and grandpa were there too. *This is Erik's favorite picture from their house. (click on it to see what their mirror says)

Part 4
On Friday we hung out with our friend Carly. We watched a movie and ate snacks. We had fun.

Part 5
Then on Saturday we had our Thanksgiving with my whole family. My parents, grandpa,
Jana, Kya, Jana's boyfriend Jeremy and my uncle Jeff all came to our apartment for a Swedish meatball dinner! Immediately following our meal, my sister decided to play Resident Evil 4 on her Play Station with the whole family. I soon vetoed that and we watched "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" instead. It was a nice day.

Part 6

Ok, by Sunday, we had stopped the Thanksgiving activities, but Bill, Carol, Caidron &
Kayla came over for lunch. Caidron pulled out all the pans so he could 'cook' for everyone. This is a regular activity for him. He is quite the chef!! (seriously, he cooks with his mom all the time!)


carly said...

hmmm... thanks for posting that sweet picture of me! I'm so glad you a got a new camera :)

Katie said...

I can't imagine why you stopped the Resident Evil fun ... if it had been Resident Evil III, now _that_ would make sense.

Anonymous said...

oh wah so she turned off the game .