Wednesday, December 5, 2007


We Celebrated Bobby's Birthday last Friday with a wonderful dinner at Buca Di Beppo! I was so full, I almost felt sick! Many friends got together to celebrate with him. (sorry we don't have any pictures from that occasion) After dinner we went back to Bobby and Sara's house to play some Wii. Steph and I made a good team for the Brain Game!!

On Sunday and Monday we celebrated Carol's Birthday. We celebrated on Sunday to throw her off...we didn't want her to expect her surprise dinner on Monday. We all met her and Bill at The Cheesecake Factory on Monday -her actual Birthday. It was fun to have the "old gang" back together. We were all church youth group leaders together back in the day.

Carol's Birthday Biscuits on Sunday Morning :)


Isaac T said...

I love the Buca's. When we are in Pittsburgh on our missions trip we've taken the kids. I love it. 10 points if you know what Buca di Beppa's means in Italian!

Anonymous said...

I had a great time at "hole of beppa" being the literal translation I believe. Thanks you guys for coming out with us and hanging afterwards to play Wii. (sorry I was a donkey for a bit there, hope you still had fun). See ya soon!

Mindy said...

We had a great time. Usually I'm not a huge video gamer...but that game was fun (mainly because I was winning!)! :)