Friday, November 16, 2007

Good-Bye Polly

Yesterday Erik's family had to say good-bye to their dog Polly for the last time. They had to make the decision to put her to sleep after she suffered from a stroke last Friday night. She just never really recovered from the stroke. It was so sad to see her and to say good-bye. She is such a sweet dog. After the stroke she was the same sweet dog, but she just couldn't move the way she did. It was sad to see her like that. It sounds silly, but it was also so sad to look into her sweet innocent eyes and to say good-bye. She's been a great part of the family and she will be missed!

Oh Captain, My Captain


Shayna said...

Totally understand, and it's not silly. Pets bring a calm and joy to our lives that other things cannot.


Ammers said...

She was a good girl and she knew she was loved. Its going to get better though we'll see her in our dreams and in our future up in heaven.

Natalie, Eric, Evan, and Emmett said...

I'm so sorry....That's no fun at all.