Friday, April 27, 2012

Growth Stage

So, I have hinted at this stage in past blog posts and facebook statuses... For the past month or two (wow, I think it really has been two full months now), Tryg has been in a separation anxiety stage.  It has been hard on all of us.  He has always been SO easygoing that this seemed like a big change for us.  It also doesn't help that it started right at the time we switched to a new daycare home.  For a long time we didn't know if something happened at daycare, if he just hated the new place or what.  Luckily Erik usually drops Tryg off in the mornings because the few times I did, I was in tears on my way to work after leaving my sweet boy screaming in the daycare providers arms.  (We were assured that he would stop crying/whimpering withing 3-5 mins of us leaving --but still hard for this Mommy!)  
Oddly, another reassuring aspect is that lately Tryg has also cried when left with me when Daddy leaves or when he's left with Daddy and I leave.  He has also cried a few times when being left with Auntie Amy and/or Gramma and Bompa.  We know he usually loves being with them.  So, we are beginning to think/understand/hope that this is just a stage that happened to coincide with the daycare switch.

Also, dare I actually 'say this out loud' but I think he may be turning a corner!  This Sunday at the nursery at church [a new church we've just been to twice] there were no tears at all and a few times when being dropped off in the mornings at daycare he was even laughing as he blew kisses to Daddy.

I'm feeling MUCH better than I did even a couple weeks ago!  At a few points we were even wondering if we'd need to search for another new daycare.  I am hoping it truly is just a normal stage and something that we'll be over soon.  We love our little man and don't like to see him sad. 

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