Thursday, May 10, 2012

Door County Half Marathon

Erik and I went to Door County last weekend with friends, Jake and Tess, while Tryg stayed with Gramma Sue and Bompa D. [Thank You for taking him for the weekend Sue & Randy!!]  Apparently he didn't even ask about us. (I'm a little sad about that but glad that he had a great time without us!)

We went up on Friday afternoon and stayed at Jake's parents' lovely home overnight [Thanks for hosting Tim & Julie!!] so that Erik and Jake could run the Door County Half Marathon on Saturday morning.  They did great and finished in the time they were planning.  They even ended by holding hands across the finish line (in true Jake & Erik fashion).  The weather ended up being perfect!  And Tess and I enjoyed mapping out our route in order to see them at as many different points as possible.  We almost missed them (a couple times) and figure we walked at least 3 to 4 miles that day ourselves (I'll admit it, I was sore that night and the next day from all the walking --but I couldn't complain too much...the guys RAN 13.1 MILES!!)

We celebrated after the Half Marathon with a few Cinco de Mayo parties and Mexican food in Sister Bay.  We got to stay right on the lake that night at Jake's Grandma's cottage.  We were able to {at least we tried to -but we're too used to being on "Tryg Time"} sleep in the next morning.  We walked to a cute little coffee shop and back, then stopped at a brunch buffet on the way out of town.  Yum.

Tess used our camera to get some great shots of the race:
Jake even grew/shaved a "special mustache" for the occasion.

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