Friday, September 26, 2008

Philip Glass at the Walker

We have not had much to add to our blog lately...let's face it, we're kind of boring! However, last weekend we joined our friends, Shane and Kellie at the theater in the Walker for a documentary on Philip Glass. It was very well done and spoke of his professional accomplishments as well as his personal life and style. We enjoyed it. After the film we went straight home to clean up a little bit.

We had Jake and his girl friend, Tess, over to watch the Green Bay vs. Dallas game. They brought a fantastic pizza from 'Whole Foods.' I totally recommend it. Tess is a Green Bay fan, but I have two Dallas players on my Fantasy Football team. So, I was fine with cheering for Green Bay overall, but I had to cheer for my Dallas players. However, I'm glad that Dallas won because Marion Barber ended up getting a bunch of points for my Fantasy team! I'm in first place!! However, last year I was also in first until week 3 and then quickly made my way down to 12th (out of 12 teams). Then I finished the season in 12th place. So, we'll see what happens.

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Anonymous said...

Life is not boring, it just slows down once in awhile. Love keeping up with you guys. Love Diana