Monday, September 24, 2007

A Weekend of Surprise Birthday Parties

We had two surprise Birthday parties this weekend. The first was for Shane Oborn (who's Birthday is actually today!). His girlfriend, Kellie was very sneaky in getting my cell phone number from him and invited us over to surprise him with dinner and games on Friday night. We had not seen him in a few weeks so it was fun to surprise him! And he was sure surprised when we were the ones knocking on the door at Kellie's house!

Then, on Saturday morning we surprised Joe Calvillo with a Birthday Brunch. His wife, Hol
ly planned it so that he would be coming over to Steph's house to "translate for the block party meeting." Little did he know that his friends were all there trying to wish the busy guy a happy Birthday! His Birthday was on Thurs. but he's been working evenings (and LOTS of them). So we made it a Brunch Birthday Party! Thanks to Tim Coyer for making all the great food!

It worked out well to have brunch and then head to the Bethel Homecoming Football game with Bob & Sara! We enjoyed the game --Bethel won (vs. Carleton) and we saw some people we knew from days back. Then we went to our apartment for more college football on TV and pizza. It was a great day, but we were tired and sunburned by the end. I still have raccoon-eyes from wearing my sunglasses at the game!


Anonymous said...

Mindy & Erik,
We had a blast with you guys as well! Thanks for having us over for pizzza, mmmm, pizza. Talk to you later!
Bobby & Sara

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you all are having fun together. Love Diana