Monday, January 28, 2008

Broomball 2008

Erik and I have enjoyed playing broomball with friends on the Minneapolis City Rec League these past few years. This year we got jerseys for our team! Molin Concrete and Hot Toppers sponsored our team this year and we were able to buy team jerseys. It's fun to look official and "more intimidating." It also helps that we have some great players on the team and our record is 2-1-1. Sunday's game ended in a tie. The other team should have had to forfeit, but we decided they didn't have to. We tied, but a win would have been more fun! :)
Here are some photos of the Isotopes:
Here is some defensive action by the goal. Bobby is our goalie and that's me down by the ball trying to help. They didn't score, so that's good!

This would be me sliding into the wall, completely out of control and Jamie coming down the ice to make a rescue --getting the ball from the player in red!

Erik and Brad are getting ready to go back in and cheering for the team from the sidelines.

**Thank you Jessie for taking pictures for us!

P.S. Jessie was taking pictures with OUR camera! We got it back!! No charge and so far. so good!!


Isaac T said...

What must it be like to have a place, or many places for that matter, where teams can play broomball. There is not ONE PLACE in the Quad Cities to play broomball.

Anonymous said...

I hope to come this sunday to see you all play and win again. Love Diana