Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Sorry we have been bad about keeping up with the blog this month. We got our camera back now and have been using it, but we have not actually downloaded any photos. We'll need to work on that! This month has been busy with work travel and events...and some fun too!

To give you just a short run down of our month so far:
We had fun celebrating Brian, Brad and Erik's Birthdays at OCB and Brad's house the first weekend of Feb!

Mindy worked at "PM@BU" on Monday Feb. 4th...an Admissions Event connected to the Bethel Men's Basketball game.

We both went to Des Moines, IA for each of our jobs (high school visits for Mindy and a Convention for Erik) Feb 6-8th. The highlights of our trip were lunch at Sonic and stopping for dinner in Owatonna with Mindy's family.

Then Mindy worked at Bethel's Campus Visit Weekend Feb 10-11.

Monday Feb. 11, we had our Broomball Finals. Unfortunately, we lost our first game and were out of the finals. It was such a weird game, horrible ref and just seemed really 'off.' I don't know how to explain it. Oh well, we had a great season (3-1-1) and hopefully we'll have better luck in the finals next year.

Valentine's Day included simple gifts and a nice dinner at home. Oh, and we watched LOST. :)

And we spent last weekend at the cabin with Erik's dad. We did a lot of snowmobiling and just hanging out. It was a nice relaxing time after working a lot! We also got to play with Gracie (the puppy --who has doubled in size already!)

Last night I watched one of my fellow youth ministry majors from college (Katie Blu) on "Deal or No Deal." It was absolutely unreal to watch her on TV!! I was screaming the whole time!

(sorry I don't have the pictures to include with this post)


dale + hannah said...

dude, I wish I would have known your friend who was on tv! that is so awesome!

would love to see more pictures of Gracie!

Natalie, Eric, Evan, and Emmett said...

Dude, you were in town and didn't even call...J/K Sounds like you have been busy. Someday I might up date my page:-)

Anonymous said...

Glad to know your just busy with life like the rest of us. Love Diana