Thursday, June 5, 2008

Twins Game!

Wednesday we surprised Kellie for her birthday (with a little help from Shane). We met them at the 508 restaraunt for apps and then headed over to the game. It was a fantastic game with the Twins coming back in the later half of the game to clinch it.

It was also Dollar Dog night, and Shane showed us his proper Dog Eating Technique.


Bobby & Sara Lundquist said...

The house next door is still for sale, I bet you could get it really cheap! We'd make good neighbors, you can borrow anything you want! You know you want to move to Mpls!

Mindy said...

I do want to live in Mpls...however, it doesn't really make sense to add 20 mins to both of our commutes. And we are not in the position to buy a house right now. But it would be fun to live by you guys!