Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Twins Win...again!

We had a fun (& busy) weekend of... hanging out with friends on Friday night, going to Valleyfair and our first ever Grill Out/Baby Shower for church friends on Saturday, and then the Twins vs. Brewers Game on Sunday afternoon! We only have photos from the Twins game...but overall, we had a fantastic weekend.
Before the game started, all the MN mascots played a game of softball.
(I think that pink blob was a liver!)

(This is for Scott & Amanda -who love mascots!)

Mindy & ErikJake (& the whole group) harassing Adam (Brewers fan)
when the Twins scored!

By the end of the game Jake & Adam were able to sit by each other
-and were both smiling.
But...I must say, the Twins had a great game...Sorry Adam!
Tomorrow we're leaving for a last minute trip to Colorado!
It will be a short trip, but we're excited!

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jamesm said...

We're on the way to Colorado so if you need a place to sleep or eat on the way to or from CO than give us a call... or we could do lunch or something if you're going our way:)