Thursday, October 30, 2008


Just wanted to let you all know that Sue is doing pretty well. Doctors were saying that she is doing better than expected last night. Erik and I will be going to see her this afternoon. She is expected to remain in the hospital for another 5 days or so.

My grandpa is still at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. He was rushed by ambulance yesterday evening with chest pain from the Owatonna ER. Jeff (my uncle) "made him" go to the emergency room in Owatonna. After an EKG and blood tests it was determined that there had been some heart damage in the past 48 hours. At 5:15, they sent him by ambulance (sirens and lights) to Abbott Northwestern in Minneapolis. At about 11:00 last night, after continued intermittent tightness and pain, and another EKG and more blood tests, they took him for an angiogram. It was determined that two of the arteries where he had by-pass surgery 19 years ago were blocked and they proceeded to put in stints in both places. He was awake during the entire procedure and came back to his room after about 1 1/2 hours. He may go home today but probably tomorrow.

Thank you for your prayers! It's been a bit of a crazy 24 hours! Please pray for continued healing for both Sue and my Grandpa. Thanks!

***Everyone is home and doing well! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!!

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Anonymous said...

My Goodness, prayers are with you. Sounds like my summer, Amanda's baby on the 6th of Aug. One brother with prostrate surgery on the 7th and the next brother with open heart surgery on the 8th...everyone is doing fine now...hope the same for your families. Love Diana