Sunday, December 21, 2008

Birthday Weekend

Part 1
Unfortunately, my family Christmas was canceled yesterday because of the weather. Well, actually it was postponed to Jan. 1. I will just need to put the food in the freezer, and have them up here next week. The good part of the weather causing canceled Christmas' is that we were able to go over to Bill & Carol's to have an early Birthday party. Shane and Kellie came over too! We had a full turkey dinner (since Carol had already made one for her canceled Christmas). Then Kellie and I swung the kids in a blanket. They LOVED it!

Caidron helped me blow out my "Birthday candles."Sorry, Carol, but I have to post the photo of my ice cream princess cake! Carol made an ice cream cake for me in a princess cake mold...unfortunately, it never came out of the mold. BUT, it tasted fantastic!!
Part 2
Thanks to Holly, the whole gang joined in for lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery in downtown Minneapolis. (it was really for our annual Christmas celebration and Macy's display...but it landed on my's a nice way to spend the day) I love the food at Rock Bottom!
We followed that by a short walk in the skyway to the Macy's 8th Floor Display, "A Day in the Life of an Elf."
It was VERY good. I recommend it.

Thanks for a great Birthday everyone!!

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damon anthony said...

looks like u had fun dill.i don't know if i'll be able to make it up there on jan 1st i'll try, bye now tell erik hi .