Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving is always a fun holiday. Not a lot of pressure...just a nice long weekend with family and friends. And, of course, we have a lot to be Thankful for! We enjoyed Thanksgiving Day in Owatonna with Mindy's family. We had a nice meal and then just hung out, watched some football and had dessert before heading home. Unfortunately Kya was not feeling well that day...lets just say the evening ending with a 'bang.' Kaleb is getting to a fun age...smiling & fun.On Friday, we headed to the cabin with Erik's parents for the rest of the weekend. Mindy spent most of the weekend working on the Bethel Admissions Office's Christmas decorations. We entered our office in the Christmas decorating contest. Erik spent most of his time helping his dad with outside chores, like chopping wood. We had a good time!

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