Friday, June 5, 2009

It's Official!

We're moving out of our apartment by June 30th! (if all apt. applications come through ok) But where are we moving?!? Ha, we don't know!

Yep, it's true. We were able to get out of our lease two months early, thanks to a co-worker of mine who was looking for an apartment. We're excited to save a little money on rent...however, we are still waiting to hear on our house! So, in the meantime, Erik's parents are being gracious enough to let us stay in their guestroom until we finally get a house. This will work out nice as they are not far from work for either of us. We're hoping to be in a house by mid-July or early August at the latest...but we're STILL waiting (and looking)!


Isaac T said...

There's LOTS of cheap(er) houses in the Quad Cities you could move in to. We'd love to have you come here. Let me know your price range, requirements for a house, etc, and we'll get going on this end to help your move and transition. You guys rock. This is really exciting (and scarey) news! God's hand and providence in this next step!

Isaac T

Mindy said...

That would make the commute a bit out of range....but then I could actually meet your son!!