Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Inspection Down....Everything Else to Go

We had two inspections. The first was done by Erik's Uncle, who happens to be the City Inspector for Crystal, MN and the second was Erik's Dad, who happens to know a lot about houses and mechanics. We found just a couple of extremely minor things, but for the most part, the house seems good to go! We're excited. Erik's mom came to the 2nd inspection and actually started crying because she was so excited for us. It was sweet. She hugged both of us AND our realtor! :)
We will still wait to post pictures until after closing, but we're excited and would love to show everyone our new place. The plan is that the closing will be Aug. 24th and that we can take possession on Aug. 26th. We can't wait! However, we are a bit nervous about getting a mortgage and all of the paperwork and steps it will take before closing. We hope everything goes well!


Diana said...

Get ready to sign your name about 100 times at closing....I never want to do it again...Diana

Jessica said...

We've got our fingers crossed for you! Sounds fantastic.