Monday, August 31, 2009

Floors, Floors, Floors, Floors...and Gardening!

Since Thursday we have been working on refinishing our hardwood floors. Erik, our friend, Bill and brother-in-law, Billy worked on stripping the floors all day on Thursday. It is a smelly, icky job, but the three of them did some great work and got all but a 2 foot strip finished all in one day! Three bedrooms, the hallway and living room!
My parents came up on Friday evening and spent the weekend here working. First my dad sanded all the floors and then we put on three coats of poly. It was even my mom's Birthday yesterday and she spend half the day helping with the second coat of polyurethane! Happy Birthday Mom! Sorry you spent it working! My mom also helped me transplant a few plants and do some weeding at the end of our driveway. Thank you everyone for all your help. We have just one coat left in the living room and then the floors are finished...or refinished, I guess! We have also changed a couple of the light fixtures and we have a couple more to go. And I plan to do some painting tomorrow night. I'll post some 'Before and After' pics soon. We hope to be moving in soon...possibly this coming Saturday! We can't wait until our house is actually a HOME!


jamesm said...

Looking great so far Mindy -love it!

shane oborn said...

hey, why wasn't i invited??