Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Moving is a Process

Well, for some reason, it is not letting me upload photos...I'll try again later. But here is the post sans photos:
Moving day was on Saturday! Thanks to all the help from friends and family, I think we have everything we own under one roof! The question that came up many times during the day..."How did you fit all this stuff in your two bedroom apartment?!?" So, I guess we probably won't have too much trouble filling our's just the organizing that will take a little bit of time.

With the three day weekend, Erik and I were able to make a dent in the unpacking. We have the bedroom, kitchen and most of the living room in place. We forgot that the bathroom should have been a top priority. We'll have to work on that ASAP.

I had grad school orientation last night. So, I am feeling the pressure of getting things in place before the first day of class. We still have some work to do...and hope to get to it soon.

Thanks again for everyone who was able to come and help us move in (big and small)!!

We can't wait to have everyone over to see our first house!

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