Friday, January 22, 2010

So Relieved!

We are so relieved after our Level 2 Ultrasound. Yesterday we got to see all the ins and outs of our little boy...literally. Because of the threat of defects, we have two additional tests, the first of which was a Level 2 Ultrasound. For over an hour they looked at every organ, measured everything, and confirmed again that he is a boy. It was amazing. We could see each chamber of his beating heart and, through motion sensors, we could see his blood flowing in and out.

He didn't cooperate for many of the cute profile pics or a good 3D pic of his face, but I guess the important part is that all of his little organs and parts are measuring right on and seem to be functioning well. The doctor said that he was not concerned about defects much at all anymore, but they will still do an echo cardiogram of his heart in a few weeks (the 2nd additional test). We are so thankful and so happy to hear that there are no longer concerns of defects. Of course, I still worry about everything, but I don't have that overlying huge fear anymore.

He's waving:
This is my favorite...I loved seeing his cute little feet!
Thank you all for your prayers and support. We are so relieved and even more excited about our baby boy!


Holly said...

Glad to hear he's doing so well and that you got to spend so much time looking at your baby today. I loved those ultrasounds!!!!

loribellz said...

eeeek yay! i am glad to hear that. any names picked out yet?!?!

Mindy said...

Thanks Holly! We're so glad to have good news!

Lori, we may have a name picked out (still deciding), but we've decided we're not going to share names until he arrives.

shane oborn said...

OH MY LORD! that second ultrasound picture looks just like erik! and i'm seriously not kidding... THAT is uncanny.....