Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brad's a Rockstar!!

So, this weekend Brad came over to help us install a new dryer (new to us, anyway -and it matches the washer) so that it is up to code and not a fire hazard (which is always good). However, all of a sudden he started just doing a bunch of the things on our "To Do List!!" He just kept saying, "What's next?" By mid afternoon we had a properly installed dryer, no gas leak in the water-heater (good thing Brad found that!), a new mail box, painted patched walls in the kitchen (I did that while Erik and Brad were downstairs) and, my favorite, shelves up in our Laundry Room!! Yippee!!
Note: Shiny New Dryer Vent Below
Erik and I also kept up the momentum that Brad brought to finish switching out all of our 'light buttons' to 'light switches,' clearing out the flower beds on the back and side of our house, cleaning the kitchen and clearing out more of the closet in the baby's room. We also enjoyed a walk together to a local coffee shop and finished homework (a week early because it's Easter break!). Overall, it was a very productive weekend. And the weather was great!

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