Friday, April 30, 2010

April was a Blurrr.

So, it's going to be May tomorrow! Where did April go? Well, I know that I worked a couple of Saturdays and evenings here at Bethel and just started my final course of this school year. Unfortunately this course also introduces our "Capstone" for the master's program, which means that a lot of decisions and writing will begin during this course. I am pretty tired these days...being 8 months along now, plus the added hours at work and school. But I'll survive, right?

May is also proving to be a bit insane with at least one thing scheduled each weekend. However, I think it will be fun as we are having some baby showers! I'm looking forward to focusing a little more on the baby and also seeing friends and family this month!

Sorry there are not many pictures or exciting things to post, but there is always next time!

Love you all!

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