Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Latest in the Nursery

Here are some of the latest pictures of the little boy's nursery. It is a work in progress, but we're getting there! His name will go on the wall when we actually decide on it! We will also be adding even more polka-dots on the walls too. (We hope the poor little guy doesn't go bonkers looking at polka dots all the time!!)
Diana made this very nice quilt for us! Love it!
My co-worker, Amanda, made this diaper cake for us.
It was at my Office Shower last week. Very fun!!
Thank you very much to all our friends and family...With the showers we had, we were able to get pretty much everything on our registry and make his room complete! We have been so blessed and are so grateful for everyone's generosity!! Thank you all so much!!

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