Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Newest Addition to the Nursery

Nope, no baby yet! We're eager for him to come now. I'm just two weeks and two days from my due date (yes, I know that due dates don't always mean anything) We're nervous and excited all at the same time. Praying and hoping that everything goes well and that we come home soon with a happy, healthy, (small) baby boy. Don't worry....we'll keep everyone posted when he comes.

But tonight was a fun surprise...we went out to dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory with my family to celebrate my dad's Birthday, which is actually tomorrow, the 9th. He's hoping for a grandson on his Birthday. I told him he'd have to take that up with the boy and that I was fine with the idea. Anyway, after dinner was over we walked them to their van and were surprised with a gift for us! My dad had refinished a dresser for the baby's room and it was in the back of the van! Now, we knew that the dresser was coming but on the way to dinner my dad tricked me by ca
lling me to ask me to bring something from the crib so that he could match the wood color for the dresser. I told him that the crib doesn't really come apart, so I wouldn't be able to do that. Well, it was all a trick because he had already refinished it and it was with him in the van. :)

It looks great and we love it! Thank you very much dad. It matches the crib and the room very well! Oh, and Happy Birthday again!!


Anonymous said...

Is that a green, polka-dot pig on the lovely dresser? Choice.


Mindy said...

Yep! It's his first piggy-bank! :)

Holly said...

You gave Alex his first piggy bank!

Room looks great, Min! Now we just need to see a baby in there!! :)