Monday, September 27, 2010

God Bless You, Tryg

Yesterday we had a "Commitment Ceremony" for Tryg. Since Erik and I do not have a church we call 'home' right now, we had everyone over to our house for the service. As Erik grew up in the Lutheran church, I grew up Baptist, and we met and got married in a Non-Denominational church, we had a hybrid service. Instead of an Infant Baptism or Child Dedication, we had a Commitment Ceremony. We wanted to commit, in the presence of our friends and family, to raising Tryg by using Christ as our example.
My friend David, from Bethel was able to lead the ceremony for us. He is a Children's Pastor at a local church. He did a great job. We were very glad he was able to be a part of the day.

As a symbol of this commitment, we washed Tryg's feet just like Jesus washed the disciples' feet. (Some of you may also remember that we washed each others' feet during our wedding.)
Our friends, Bill and Carol, agreed to be Tryg's godparents. They have been a big part of our lives and we're glad that they will 'formally' be a part of Tryg's life as well -as they have been already!
Thank you everyone, for being a part of Tryg's day and his life. We are grateful for each of you -whether you were there yesterday or not!.


Diana said...

Good for you guys....Love Diana

loribellz said...

Awesome! I wish i could have been there!