Wednesday, November 17, 2010


As in overwhelmed. I have been feeling that way a lot these days. Who thought having a baby while both mommy and daddy would be in grad school was a good idea? Oh, wait. That was us! The phrase "We just need to make it to May" has run through my head or come out of my mouth quite often lately. With full time jobs and then trying to get in every cherished moment of Tryg's first year, in between homework assignments and everyday life expectations...OVeRwHeLMeD comes to mind.

I'm currently sitting here typing while feeding my son a rice cereal and breast milk filled bottle in an attempt to get him back to sleeping through the night. He had been doing great ever since he was seven weeks old until everything changed two weeks ago. And, if you note the time of this post, you'll see that we have yet to master the art of getting him to bed at a decent hour as well. So, lack of sleep isn't helping either.

However, I will say that I am not to the point of being stressed. There is a good reason for that...every time I see my sweet boy smile, even if I am so frustrated because I'm trying to get him to sleep, he spit up all over me and is wide awake just looking at me, it makes it all worth it! Hearing him giggle is even better! He just melts my heart and I can't help but stop, smile and enjoy the moment.
***Don't worry...I did not actually type this whole post while feeding Tryg. I put him to bed and then wrote the post.

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shane oborn said...

i don't leave as many comments as i would because where i read your blog doesn't have the "add comment" capacity, so it doesn't happen unless i actually visit your blog.

but i needed to today because i just wanted to say how much i love reading about your journey with tryg, and the late nights, and the first snow, and the......

its wonderful. i hope you guys are hanging in there.

i love you both very much.....