Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy 90th Birthday Grandpa!

So, Erik and my Grandpa are one day shy of being exactly 60 years apart. We went out for dinner tonight in Owatonna at Grace's, a family favorite. They had these great hats and glasses for the Birthday boys. I just LOVE this picture of my Grandpa!! Erik says it reminds him of the man in the movie "Up!" :)

Today we also had a party to celebrate my Grandpa's wonderful life! It was fantastic to be able to spend time with him as well as family and friends. He has touched so many lives with his sweet and kind nature. I'm so glad to call him Grandpa and to see so many others who love him too. Thanks to cousin Jackie for this nice family picture **sorry that we are missing a few of the family members. --but apparently those who were there for the picture got the memo to wear red and/or some shade of gray or black :)
Four generations! I love that Tryg has a Great Grandpa. Grandpa just loves Tryg too. It's fun to see them interact. I'm glad we got a picture of four generations together. I also hope Tryg got the Forbes eyes. If you click on this picture you'll see how my Grandpa's eyes almost glow... my mom's too. So far Tryg's eyes are also very bright. I hope they stay that way! :)

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