Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not Toothless for Long

So, we're soon going to miss the toothless grins from our little man. He's actually teething now. --even though people have said, "He's probably teething" for about six months now. The start of his front right tooth is coming through. This was also evidenced by his lack of a nap yesterday afternoon. Our Daycare provider said he was up every 15 minutes crying and then back down. We were bracing for the worst last night, but he only woke up once @ 1:30am. I gave him a bit more Orajel and he went back down after some squirming and fussing. Poor little guy. We hope this is short lived -for both him and us. And that we don't have many of the horrible nights that people always tell/warn us about!

Overall, Tryg is a wonderful baby and we really can't complain too much. Literally EVERYDAY either Erik and I will tell the other how much we just love him like crazy and how he really is just a sweetheart! We also talk about how cute he really is...Yes, we're biased, but he really is a cute little guy even if we do say so ourselves! :)

*We'll try to get a picture of his first tooth as soon as he'll let us.

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kirk and sarah said...

no, you're not just biased. we'll i'm sure you are, but despite that he certainly IS a cutie. :)