Monday, March 14, 2011

A Little Sledding

We took Tryg sledding for the first time this weekend. It's finally getting warm enough to use the $2 garage-sale-find that I got this summer. This little sled was well worth the $2! The sun was pretty bright as it glared off all the white snow and it was Tryg's nap-time, but he was smiling. However, I think he actually liked the sled inside, when Auntie Amy and Grandpa pulled him around the living room, much more than outside. It may have something to do with being crammed into a bear-snowsuit, being blinded by the sun and just wanting to take a nap, but we're not completely sure. :)
Gracie (Erik's parents collie) had no idea what to do with the little bear that was going through the yard. She kept barking at him! :)

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shayna said...

freaking adorable!
love the new header on the blog -- where'd you have the pics done?