Thursday, April 14, 2011

It Isn't Pretty

I'm talking about me. This has been a very rough last few months. With two people in the final semester of Master's Programs, both working at least 40 hours per week, while trying to be good parents and home owners all at the same time...well, it's just not bringing out the best in us! However, I'm afraid that it's actually been taking a bigger toll on me than Erik.
Erik has been amazing. When I feel like I can't even function or even think beyond the guilt I feel when I am not doing homework, he is in the middle of laundry, doing dishes and planning out the rest of the day so that we both get in some homework time and time with Tryg. No, he's not perfect, but I am SO grateful for him! I have been so stressed and jumpy... and sometimes, just not nice.

I really hate that about myself. I have been extremely aware of my emotions -especially in the last two weeks. And I so wish that better responses could come out of me when I am stressed and tired. I guess awareness is the first step, and then I just need to step back, relax and breathe before responding.

I am hoping that this week will be better. I have a week off of class this week and if you've read my facebook page, you already know I also have one complete draft of my 78 page Capstone Project finished now!! I have MANY revisions to make, but at least I have a complete draft (yes, I feel guilty that I am writing on the blog instead of making revisions on my Project).

Even though I have to work over 10 hours on Saturday and Erik has at least 2 nights a week with his group working on his MBA group project....I'm going to try to stay positive (or become positive in the first place) and be aware of my stress level.

May 21...36 days away! I can make it!!
But now, I'm going to bed.


kirk and sarah said...

that is a very cute photo of your man and manchild. oh, i can relate to getting not-so-nice when i'm stressed.... it is an awful feeling when you know you're no fun to be around! hope you guys can go easy on each other and find some time to laugh about it or something!

Diana said...

Keep telling yourself that this to shall pass and all will be well, however good for you guys both working so hard.....Diana

Hannah said...

It is awesome to have husbands that are so helpful and in tune to our needs, even when we are cranky.

You guys can get through this! Hang in there.