Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Few Steps!

OK, so we're far from the point of saying he's walking, but Tryg did take about four or five steps on Saturday and then another three steps on Sunday.  Unfortunately Erik missed the first steps on Saturday but Tryg took about three steps right into Daddy's arms on Sunday.  Since the weekend he's actually gotten more "lazy" when it comes to walking.  So, who knows when he'll be an official walker, but we're headed in the right direction.  
 Little Double Chin :)

We are loving the fact that we don't have class or homework right now!  Evenings, at home, eating dinner outside and playing in the yard have been great!  We are soaking up time with Tryg and enjoying every minute.  It truly feels great to be finished with school!  We're glad we did it, but we're glad we're done!

I hope you guys are enjoying the start of summer.  Crazy roller-coaster of weather we've been having here, but with the long winter, I am not complaining about the heat.  I'm just glad that Randy came over and got our air conditioner working on Sunday night!

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