Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Father's Day (a week late)!

Erik (and Tryg & I) really enjoyed Erik's first 'official' Father's Day.  It was Father's Day morning last year that my water broke and we went to the hospital.  Tryg was born the next morning.

We had a low key day that started with gifts for Erik and then some snuggle time with Tryg.  We had breakfast together and then Erik's dad came over with his Chevy!  He and Erik went to "Back to the 50s" for a bit and then Tryg was able to give Grandpa his father's day gift too.  We topped off the day with a walk (while Tryg napped) and dinner.

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Ammers said...

What trail is this??? Dirt path in the cities??? Who woulda thought....:)