Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ma Ma?

So, the jury is still out (including me), but there is a chance that Tryg may have said his first intentional word.  As I was getting ready to run to the store for some eggs, Tryg crawled straight to me and said "Ma Ma" over and over again the whole way.  Although I am not convinced it was real, it still melts my heart!  Could it be? :)

We're having a great weekend.  Tryg is getting the hang of this whole walking thing.  He's getting further and further each time and probably takes 10-12 steps now.  He is also waving at EVERYONE and anything!  However, it is not always something he'll do on command.  He tries to wave at people to get their attention.  However, since waving is silent, it doesn't work the best.  It can also be random or about 30 seconds after the person stops looking at him.
Happy 4th of July Everyone!!

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