Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Unofficial Reunion Weekend

This weekend was filled with parties and get-togethers...and unofficially, it ended up being a high school youth group reunion for me!  

We started the weekend by celebrating Carly's 30th Birthday with her and many friends!  There were a few kids at her place but mainly adults.  We kept Tryg up past his bedtime which caused him to have many legs to walk around and through as he navigated his way back and forth from one end of the house to the other.  He loved the challenge of practicing his new walking skills.  Mom and Dad got a little tired of following him around to make sure he wasn't getting into anything, but we had fun celebrating with Carly and crew!
On Saturday we had two gatherings.  We first went to the park to celebrate Alex's 5th Birthday!  We joined lots of friends (young and old) for a great BBQ.  Tryg enjoyed playing on the playground with other kids his age.  The swing is his favorite!

 After the BBQ we went to Oborn's to spend time with Northbridge church friends.  This began the 'youth group reunion' as Dan was there (he was our youth pastor while we were growing up) and Shane grew up with me as well.  We had a fantastic time spending time with everyone there.  The evening ended with an all out dance party in their family room.  It made me want to live in community with these people.  However, Carol had to remind me that that would work for me, being a huge extrovert, but not for the rest of the group.  Oh well.  I sure enjoyed spending time with our friends and their kids!
On Sunday afternoon we met up with the Mortimer's!  I went to high school with Jamie and Julia and we did youth group things together too.  They were in town from Nebraska doing a family missions trip.  I'm glad they got a hold of us and that we were able to meet up with them.  We spent some time at the Mall of America just talking about life with kids and what was happening in our lives.  And now, thanks to Julia, Tryg really likes french fries! :) :)  Thanks Julia! :)  (It's fine...I'm really fine with it.  It will give us more options for dinner now!)
Finally, Sunday evening we met with the Livesay's.  After being here for a year, they will be leaving for Morocco in a week and a half to continue their missions work there.  It is sad to see them go, but we are excited for what they will be able to do in Morocco.  Who knows, maybe we'll get to Morocco to visit them!!  Since Sarah was in our high school youth group as well, this gathering brought a few more friends from high school to complete the 'reunion weekend.'
Tryg really wanted to walk up the hill.
Ollie was great about swinging with Tryg.

All in all, it was a great weekend with friends!  It was also a little funny that it happened to be a weekend of gatherings including different friends from my high school youth group.  I think it's great that I have been able to keep in touch with so many people I grew up with.  It's wonderful to stay connected to them and watch their families grow.  

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