Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bee Sting on a Little Nose

Our poor little man got stung by a bee today.  We were on the pontoon boat at the cabin.  A bee came and was flying around Tryg and me.  Grandpa Randy was going to speed up the boat to try to get it away from us....but right as that was going to happen, the bee landed right on Tryg's nose.  I tried to blow it off and shoe it away but it was too late.  Tryg started screaming.  I'm not exactly sure what happened but once I was able to look at Tryg's face I could see the little red sting mark right on the end of his nose.  

Now, bee stings are bad enough...but if you know me, you know that I am deadly allergic to bee is my Grandpa.  So, we feared the worst from my genetic pool as we were out in the middle of the lake with a red sting mark on the Little Man's nose.  The poor guy just screamed for about 20 minutes.  However, it didn't swell up the way my bee stings have done in the past.  

When we got back to the cabin we put some baking soda paste on the sting.  So far, (now about 5 hours later) he seems to be just fine.  Maybe the bee didn't get the stinger in all the way...maybe Tryg's not allergic...  We're not sure, but we are very grateful that we did not have to make a run to the Emergency Room in Rice Lake, WI.  
After bee sting:
 Then we tried to distract him with Grandpa Randy's remote control truck...

He does have a red spot on the tip of his nose, but I think/HOPE that he's going to be just fine.  I think I'll be up many times tonight just listening to him breathe though.

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loribellz said...

aww i am glad he is ok.