Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from Our Little T-Rex

T-Rex is short for Tryg-a-saurus in this case!  
Tryg truly enjoyed his 2nd Halloween!  Since putting things in a container is one of his favorite past times, taking candy and putting it in his pumpkin bucket was in his element!  He didn't so much love all the attention, but he did really well.  Mom & Dad will enjoy his trick-or-treating stash!  Mom & Dad will also have to eat the remains of the 150 piece Costco candy bag since we only had about 15 trick-or-treaters this year!  What happened to all those little fairies and ghosts?!?


Kristen said...

Only 15 trick or treaterS? They must have all been at my house as I only had 3 pieces of candy left! Tryg looks ADORABLE!!!

zucky said...

He is so cute!! Also, I'm happy to do my part & help eat your 159 pounds of candy ;)